Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pregnancy or Prozac- The Comments

On September 30th my very first paid parenting article was published by Babble (and then posted on The Huffington Post!!!! Still extremely shocked and excited!).  However, I also received my very first parenting heckles of, "Some people have no right raising children." (If you haven't read it click here: Pregnancy or Prozac? Why I choose both.)

When Babble advertised my essay on their Facebook page, numerous mothers wrote thanking me for being brave enough to share my story.  Some said that I inspired them to discuss their depression with a doctors, and others found solace knowing that they were not the only ones.  Still, others found it necessary to judge me and my decision.   

I wrote the piece to simply share my experience.  I was not advocating medication for pregnant women, or for women in general.  I had a story to tell and a lesson to be learned.  My ordeal was excruciating and I hoped to find some positive through all the despair.  If reading my article helped spark conversations about ante-natal depression, whether positive or not, I have accomplished my intentions.

That said, I would like to take the opportunity to respond to a few of the particularly eloquent comments (please excuse the profanities). 
  • Comment: "My 3rd son has eye problems from TAKING them during pregnancy..we're gonna have to see a neuro-ophthalmologist because he can't see any more than an inch from anything..I wish I never went ont hem."
    • Eye problems from antidepressants?  Makes complete sense!  I'm sure that the fact that both you and the baby's father wear glasses and that genetic eye disorders run in your family has nothing to do with it! 
  • Comment: "i dont think they are safe. theres vitamins u can take that kinda help with depression."
    • Really?  Vitamins?  Do they come in gummy form, because I will only take vitamins that are shaped like cartoon characters. 
  • Comment:  "Yeah well she's a fuckin dopefiend then smh if u r that fucking selfish u have no business with motherhood. Period. Its just not for u."
    • I totally agree, some people just should not have children.  I suggest you get your tubes tied immediately.
  • Comment: "How many class action lawsuit commercials have we seen where they ask " is you baby fcked up from anti depressants while pregnant? " why the HELL would u risk it ? Some peoples children I swear."
    • Have you or a loved one been manipulated by a snazzy looking lawyer sporting a Ron Swanson mustache?  If so, there is help.  Call 1-800-STOP WATCHING SO MUCH TV for more information.
  • Comment: "If u are seriously ill ... don't have kids. WtF"
    • Seriously, WTF?  I am going to start a petition to ask Congress to legally prevent all women suffering from heart disease, lupus, diabetes, breast cancer, multiple sclerosis, and those that are generally considered unattractive from bearing children.  Who's with me?
  • Comment: "No they (SSRI's) aren't safe-theyMake Your body forget what to do-ISN'T THAT WHAT AUTISM IS???"
    •  Well, no actually.  That isn't autism at all.
  • Comment:  "Hell No!!! unsafe,causes birth defects. I say suck it up and take no pills! Its just hormones anyways. If your a big girl to be getting pregnant, then your a big girl to deal with lifes emotions without pills,your depressed, not the baby!!!!"
    • Hmm, let me meditate on this one... just hormones so no need for pills... maybe I should try upping my testosterone levels (after all, I do live in San Francisco where one can purchase gender altering drugs at the corner pharmacy).   Also, you are so true, I am a big girl.  Yesterday I went both pee pee and poop on the potty.  No more diapers for Ducky! 
  • Comment: "No drugs are ever safe during pregnancy, thats just as bad as alcohol."  
    • Well, I did retire my crack pipe for most of those 9-months, if it makes you feel better. 
If I had Maisy's pregnancy to do over again, the only thing that I would change would be to never have stopped my medication in the first place, but alas you know what they say about hindsight. While there are no definitive studies regarding taking antidepressants during pregnancy, there is overwhelming evidence that ante-natal depression can lead to preterm labor, low birth weight, and most importantly- women who are depressed during pregnancy have grave difficulty caring for themselves and their unborn babes (as was my experience). 

Thanks to the difficult choices my family and I had to make, we have two beautiful, healthy, intelligent daughters who are being raised by loving, healthy, and safe parents.  If this is the face of depression...
 then I will take a double dose and an extra large side order of crazy.


  1. I think you are brave for doing it and even braver for talking about it. I really wish Facebook had an app for correcting grammar, sentence structure etc. I was cringing so much while reading those asinine comments I barely remember what was written!

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