Baby products that no one needs!

Baby/toddler products is a fast growing, and very seductive market.  New mamas are an easy mark, we haven't had much sleep, and are quite susceptible to marketing campaigns.  However, don't be fooled by these gimmicks.  You don't really need them.

The Wipe Warmer
No baby has every complained of room temperature wipes.  

Breastfeeding pillows
We had three of these; I guess I was sucked in by the Boppy charm.  However, a bed or couch pillow works just the same.

 Baby Bath Thermometer
Seriously?  You could just dip your hand in the water to test the temperature.

Shopping Cart Cover
Don't worry, it's ok for the baby to lick the hand rail every now and then.  It builds resistance.
Baby "Food Mill"
Buy a blender!
Travel Wipe Warmer

God forbid your baby should have a cold tush on the go.

The Tummy Tub
This "bathtub" costs nearly $45.  A 5-gallon paint bucket costs about $2.50 at Home Depot.