Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Giveaway- win this hat for your demon spawn

Does your devil child need a bright red hat to warn others of his hidden second personality?  Tell me why your child/grandchild/cousin/other cranky kid deserves to wear this custom, homemade devil hat, and I will send it to the person with the best answer. 

Comment here or on Facebook.

Hat comes in sizes Evil Infant, Terrible Toddler, or Pain in the Ass Preschooler.  Winner will be announced on Halloween.


  1. My darling angel baby girl should have the devil hat to help us relate better to you and all those other parents with problem children. We really want to understand where you are coming from. Really. A hat with horns should do the trick quite well.

    Our delightful preschooler eats everything on his plate without dropping one crumb or grain of rice, politely asks for more, then wipes down the table and does the dishes. He is never up playing at 10 in the evening and has never, ever woken up at 4am to switch on all the light in the house to play with the iPod. He has never whacked his sister, snatched her toys or spat food in her face. And of course she is just a perfect princess: sleeping through the night since she was born. At 14 months now, she plays such beautiful music on the harp while pirouetting with the peacocks in the park.

  2. it is hard to pick a reason out of my dead mom brain i would say because she pooped of rage after a 3 hour non stop tantrum in her crib for christmas 2008.

    Or because she made me stay in an airplane s bathroom for 50 minutes screaming at the top of her lungs and i did not have earplugs. i had to keep her away from the other passengers or they would have thrown her out the window.

    i have 567 more stories but it is hard to type while nursing so ill share them another day:)

  3. My sweet but somewhat stubborn and destructive nephew would look great in the hat. And we could say it was from my mother-in-law who won't stop comparing him to my children (she remembers them as perfect angels at that age---and I know they had their fair share of devil moments!)

  4. Well today was another day that I almost called the orphanage. They tag teamed all day. And for the brief minutes when they stopped (while eating ice cream), the 34.5 week fetus started up, and spent most of the day completely rotating her position so her head is now in my ribs and I have serious pain there.

  5. While many of your demons do deserve these hats, this week's devil's hat goes to "k" who had to sequester herself and child in an airplane bathroom for 50 min!