Friday, March 11, 2011

Toddlers: Lying Liars

My adorable, impish little Maisy has begun lying to me!  She isn't even two and she has already developed the ability to bend the truth.

Usually her lies are small affairs.  After spotting her leaning against the coffee table, focused and grunting, I may ask her "Maisy, did you poop?"  Predictably she will respond, "No, pee pee.  Diaper clean."  Yet the stench wafting from her tiny tush always reveals the truth.

She also lies about harassing her sister.  One of Maisy's favorite past times is pulling her sister's hair while laughing like a deranged monkey.  When Elana lets out a desperate scream, I'll rush into the room to find Maisy playing nicely with a doll.  Elana, a bit too eagerly, will divulge, "Maisy pulled my hair." Maisy will look up to me smiling her dimpled grin, and say "No, Maisy nice-nice" while stroking her sister's head.

This week she began to lie about food.  In my house, I use dessert as the incentive to eat vegetables.  Elana would never have tried any of the three vegetables she now deems tolerable (green beans, broccoli, and carrots) without the help of chocolate chip cookies.  On Wednesday I sat cross legged on the floor while the children ate their dinner at the toddler table that sits in one corner of our kitchen.  Elana, who has had an additional two plus years to learn the drill, ate every last green bean without much prompting.  Maisy, on the other hand, decided that she did not want to eat anything on her plate, besides the brown rice, and shoved a few spoonfuls into her mouth before tromping off to play with the nearest Disney princess that litters our house.

"Maisy," I scolded, "if you aren't hungry, then you don't have to eat any more.  However, no dessert unless you eat your green beans." 

"OK," she replied without any fuss.  Maisy preceded to take a green bean in each hand, look at me and say "Yummy... so goood!" while pretending to put them into her mouth.  She then hid both hands behind her back and finished with an "All done."

Is law school in her future?

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