Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Parental Humble Brag

Even though the humble brag is a relatively new term, its existence has been around since the dawn of man.  However, with the invention of social networking (thank you Twitter and Facebook) the humble brag has become ubiquitous.  My local parenting forums are overloaded with parents seeking "advice" for their talented children.  In reality, this is just their opportunity to get some (probably much needed) parental praise.

So, I scoured the internet, my friends, and on-line motherhood communities looking for my favorite parental humble brags.   Here they are, in no particular order.

Top 10 Parenting Humble Brags:
  1. "I'm my 19-month-old won’t stop talking.  It is driving me crazy!" 
  2. "My husband is so thoughtless.  He had his secretary buy me an $800 bracelet for Mother's Day." 
  3. "I was so sick during my pregnancy.  I only was able to gain 10 pounds!" 
  4. "Help!  My 18-month-old insists on pooping in the potty, and I’m not ready to potty-train!" 
  5. "Two children, best-selling author, thriving career, how do I balance it all?" 
  6. "I am so tired of being asked if I am my childrens' nanny.  I can't help that I look so young."  
  7. "My 2-month-old already sleeps through the night.  Should I be waking her to nurse?"
  8. "Whenever I take my child anywhere, strangers always stop us to admire her.  I can’t even go grocery shopping in peace!"
  9. "How do I support my best friend who’s toddler is developmentally delayed, when my own is so advanced?"
  10. "My husband is really annoying me.  He wants to be so involved in the child rearing.” 

                      To all of the above, I just want to say "I completely know how you feel.  It is so difficult raising gifted children."

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