Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Raising Chidlren with Unconditional Love

I've started jogging, an activity I vowed never to participate in. However, due to my two young offspring, I find it to be just the right exercise to distract my mind from the chaos running amok in my home. It gives me time to think about my writing, listen to music and radio shows, and release maternal frustration with each stride of my sneaker.

The other day I was on one of those jogs listening to an episode of "This American Life". As I ran away from my own demanding tots, a mother told her story of raising an adopted child with an extreme attachment disorder. At times the mother worried that her son would never actually love her, yet she never doubted her love for him. Throughout the frightening ordeal of helping him find attachment, which consisted of extreme tantrums, major physical resistance, and pleas from her husband to find him a new home, the mother never felt the love for her son divide. She loved him unconditionally.

Read the rest here: Raising Children with Unconditional Love

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