Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday GIiveaway- Helping Me Help Myself

This Friday win this hilarious book by Beth Lisick!  I read it many months ago, and am still laughing!  Here is what People Magazine had to say: "Her accounts of everything...are not only hilarious but enlightening. Finding useful tips amidst the bunk, she distills the best from thousands of pages of self-help books. Readers will be inspired: If a woman in a banana suit can clean her closet and pay off her credit card debt, surely you can, too."

To win, just answer this one question:
  • Tell me about a time you were judged by someone about your parenting.
For example- numerous "helpful" strangers ask me "aren't your children cold?" when they roam the playground in short sleeved dress and no pants on a winter's day.  Yes, they might be cold, but I might also burst a blood vessel trying to wrestle them into a jacket.

The winner will be randomly selected on Sunday evening.  (I really mean randomly- I actually use a random number generator!)


  1. I recently bought a new car and Preston patiently waited at 2 dealerships for approximately 4 hours. At hour 5 when we were finally doing paperwork (at 2pm without having had lunch) he finally broke down. The lady at the dealership was trying to imply (by comparing him to her own child) that he was just unable to behave in an adult situation.

    I told her that it was not his fault, but mine for keeping him there for so long without food and that I was about ready to act like he was if she didn't hurry the hell up.

  2. Last week when I was postpartum day 4, just home from the hospital after a cesarean, I was sitting at the table eating with my MIL. Keep in mind how much vicodin I was on. My two older kids were "playing" aka beating each other up while Daddy tried to constructively help the situation. I got a 15 minute lecture from my MIL about how her two kids NEVER acted like that, were ALWAYS perfect angels, NEVER misbehaved, NEVER fought with each other, were BOTH potty trained by age 1, and if I didn't believe her I could call any number of her friends and ask.


  3. i was at a playground and some old duck came up and told me poppy was thirsty and I should give her some water and told me to pay attention to my daughter more and her needs... I basically told her to fuck off and mind her fucking business and she was so aghast and told me she was doing her community duty!! oh please..

  4. When I took my girls (ages 3 years & 6 months) to Greece on vacation, every single day someone would come up to me and ask me why they weren't wearing hats. Little old ladies, motherly women, businessmen, EVERYONE. While I know that sunstroke is a risk, these were girls who typically went hatless in Colorado at moderately high altitude for hours. Sea level sunshine was not going to burn them in a hurry. I smiled and nodded, learned the Greek for "hat" and eventually bought them sun hats just to keep from being hassled...

  5. I would say every single time I went to a playground as an attempt to get a break by reading my book in the Californian sun...Was it the first cultural clash I experimented?! Waouw these American moms are just amazing, playing NON STOP with their least I did not send the nanny there! ;-0)

  6. And the randomly selected winner is Heather! You are going to absolutely LOVE this book!