Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Giveaway- Sunshine Princess Toddler Apron!!!

Ohhhhh, I am absolutely, completely, so excited for this week's giveaway!  Sunshine Princess has generously supplied us with an amazing, homemade toddler apron, made from beautiful vintage fabric (it's gorgeous)!

Liz Douglas makes these aprons out of vintage fabric to a) avoid washing whole outfits covered in paint or flour and b) to justify her vintage fabric hoarding. They are reversable, adjustable and made to take serious punishment. You can find them in San Francisco at 331 Cortland Marketplace at (you guessed it!), 331 Cortland Ave in Bernal Heights.  She is also working on getting some on to her website- where she sells vintage children's clothes and other vintage inspired projects (70's zodiac jean jackets for your toddler anyone?).

This apron is toddler sized 18-3T.

To win this apron, all you have to do is answer these simple questions:
  1. In general, are toddler girls or toddler boys easier to raise?
  2. Why do you think so (short answers please)?
The winner will be randomly chosen on Sunday evening and will be posted at the end of the comments as well as on Facebook.  Lately, I have been having difficulty getting a hold of the winners ("Mommy" and "mc2la" still need to contact me with their addresses).  So, please check back in and make sure you claim your prize!


  1. My girl is just entering the toddler phase and I think she may bear out my hunch that boys (or at least my boy) are easier than girls (or at least my girl). The potty training can be trickier with toddler boys, but there is none of the toddler girl's fussing with clothes or hair. My boy at almost 4 years old expresses mild preferences for the graphics on some of his t-shirts, and prefers long sleeved pants over shorts (so he doesn't scrape the skin off his knees every time he skids along the ground on them) but otherwise couldn't care less what he is wearing. Meanwhile my 15-month old girl is already paying attention to the buttons, textures and patterns on her clothes, and expresses a clear preference for the pajamas that have the sparkly moon them. Plus it seems there are more decisions about appropriate dress codes and toys in general with toddler girls (Is Barbie ok? Heeled play shoes? "Sexy" short skirts?) I'm only just starting to run into similar dilemmas with my son (Are toy guns ok? Is Star Wars suitable viewing for a four-year old?) etc. etc. These are all gender-stereotypes, I know, but so far, that's how things are playing out in our house. He likes everything on wheels; she likes everything that sparkles.

  2. Boys. Hands down. No hair drama. They don't care what they wear. Give them a train and Elmo and you're done.

  3. With 1 daughter, I don't have a big sample size, but I think girls are easier. Not every girl toddler is obsessed with princesses (only mildly here) and my little one is happy with either the pants or dresses I pick out for school. In general girls are more verbal and potty train earlier (gross generalization, i know) which makes life a LOT easier.

  4. such a cute apron!!!

    could agree more with Catherine: boys are simple just like men. Easy to figure them out and find solution to their problems. Give them food or a truck and they will be happy. My girl has always needed impossible things, which makes me wonder if she ever was happy. At night she can never go to sleep because she says" mommy i can t sleep my brain is thinking all the time". My boy likes drama as well but when he starts a meltdown I know that within a few minutes it will be over and i ll get a big hug, not the same with little miss E. When she starts a tantrum she wants the whole world to know about it. Some neighbors even called the police once. So we learned to close all windows when the drama queen starts to whine...Ooop that is a long answer the question: boys are much easier because they are less complicated.

  5. okay i am one of those selfish mothers who only want one kid so I am very lucky to have a girl who is relatively easy and low maintenance and I wouldn't want to find out what a boy would be like but judging from the preschool I work at once a week, boys seem a lot more work!

  6. Whenever we have playdates with Jackson's girl friends the girls sit and play QUIETLY with dolls or even with cars while my child runs wildly through the house tearing through all the toys. The girl will move on to coloring QUIETLY while my child scribbles all over the page, breaks the crayons, and throws them like baseballs. My hope in life is that girls are easier as toddlers, but more difficult as teens. I am hoping that when my boys are teens I can sit back with a glass of wine and relax with no worries. (yeah right.)

  7. I guess it depends on you as a parent and your understanding of your child's development.
    As individuals, each child requires more or less attention than his/her sibling despite the gender.

  8. GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS!!!!!! For me, as a parent of a 3yr old girl and 2 yr old boy, girls have been the easier gender. BUT, as times change I feel this will also change. I just happen to have a girl that talked early, understood orders and I felt I could discipline her quite easily. BUT then along came my boy, running jumping and toy destroying male that has never played with a toy, just tried to break it down to the sum of its parts!!!!! He also made my once calm and quiet daughter naughty!!! Sorry but I am blaming him. Now I have two little monsters that are uncontrollable on a good day, unsociable on others! But in my case, I think that the daughter is still easier because as a mother from a family of all women, I get her. I understand her frustrations, needs and wants. The boy, non comprende!!! So maybe it comes down to our past and our understanding of the gender, as well as the child, the way in which the wind is blowing and the phase of the moon!!!

  9. and the winner of this week's friday giveaway is: Sara Hertel. I know you have boys, but an apron always comes in handy!