Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Giveaway- Hat Day!!!

Brr... It's cold outside.  (At least it is in San Francisco, where it's unseasonably cold right now.)  Don't you know a little demon that would look smashing in this hat?

To win, just quickly answer these two questions:
  1. On average, how much time a day do you spend "playing" with your child (this includes reading, puzzles, arts and crafts, etc)?
  2. Would you rather play an imaginative game (like she's a princess and you are the evil hag) or draw with crayons?
Hat comes in sizes Impious Infant, Terrible Toddler, Pain in the Ass Preschooler, or Evil Elementary Schooler.  


    1. 1. As a working mom I hate this question! So during the week, 30min-1hour if I'm lucky.
      2. And I can only stand to do the imaginative stuff for short periods at a I'll have to say draw with crayons.

    2. 1) During normal weekdays probably 1 hour total, mostly evenings after dinner. During my pre-baby maternity leave, probably 3 hours or so - much more fun and relaxed!!!!!! I'll let you know how things change next week.

      2) I'd rather draw with crayons, build legos, do puzzles ... I'm not very imaginative - Daddy's better at that.

    3. 1. As a working mom i feel like all i do is play....7:00 - 8:45 every morning is play, eat, wash up, dress, play out the door every day and I drop to my knees for a hug when I walk in the door at 5:00 and my husband & I pretty much focus on her until she drops in bed around 8:00. Then it's clean up & husband/wife time if I can stay awake until 10:00 :)
      2. At 18 months her "imaginative play" is in short bursts so we pretty much bounce around the house from her cardboard "store" to crayons to pushing dolls in the stroller to standing on foot stools to look for neighbor animals & planes. We always end up in the book nook though - little book worm.

      love the names of the hats - funny.

    4. 1. all i do is play with them when i do not get to escape to check my emails or facebook or talk with any grown up person at hand. Must be about 8 hours a day. Yeah my kids are sticky: whatever i do they do it with me.
      2. if i got my 8hours sleep imaginative play is a lot of fun, but usually drawing is better because less demanding I can stare blankly at the wall and pretend to be drawing even when i am exhausted...

    5. Working mom, two kids, I guess we play about an hour a day. (I'm assuming we don't count feeding & dressing time as playtime.)

      Imaginative play with my older girl seems to always end up involving bodily harm or property damage. So I guess I like slightly more structured play, like drawing, making things out of clay, doing puzzles or reading books together. She's more imaginative when I'm NOT actively playing with her anyway, as far as I can tell from the monologues...

      The younger one is just getting to the point where she uses toys for their intended purpose. Any kind of play that doesn't involve her eating inappropriate objects is fine.

    6. 1. Hmmm, well she's in daycare 3 days a week...on those days we "play" and sing during breakfast, dinner and bath with about 30 min of dedicated playing. On non-daycare days Aviva plays with me or her dad play for about 5 hours.

      2. With my 19 month old there is only a little bit of imaginative play...with props like dolls, blocks, and books. Lately Aviva wants to sing a lot. She sings "Itty 'pider. Up-a da water 'pout" and "tinkle, tinkle. like a di-a-mond in da pie" It's pretty awesome.

    7. And this week's winner is: mc2la. Don't know who you are, so send me your contact information so I can get your little demon a hat!