Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Giveaway: Bumper Sticker Day!

I was absolutely petrified that my eldest daughter was going to leave for college still addicted to her bedtime paci.  So, my husband and I set a deadline for ditching that horrible piece of plastic- Birthday Number 4!  We hyped it up, told her that when she was four she was officially a big girl, able to finally watch Sleeping Beauty, and no longer in need of a pacifier.

During the nights before the big day, she faithfully sucked every last drop from her beloved paci.  On Sunday, the day she turned four, she reluctantly handed it over.  That night, exhausted from parties, cake, presents, and general birthday excitement, she easily drifted to sleep listening to a homemade compilation of sleepy-time music on her cd-player.

Ted and I were SHOCKED!  We expected tantrums in the extreme.  We expected nights of little to no sleep  And, frankly, I expected a major argument with my husband about whether to cave into her wailing demands for the paci.  To everyone's astonishment, it was the easiest transition of her four-year-old life.  Maybe, we were finally stored some good parenting karma?

I have just one little question for you: what was the hardest transition you and your toddler had to go through?

Winner will be randomly selected on Sunday.


  1. It's a tie between how hard it was for #1 when #2 arrived and the transition to #1 and #2 sharing a bedroom. The transition to #3 arriving was actually easier because #2 was already used to sharing attention