Thursday, February 3, 2011

Friday Giveaway- The Demon Spawn Hat Returns

Thanks to a very long lingering cold, I have finally found some time to knit, so the Friday Giveaway is back.

To win this awesome devil hat for your own wicked offspring (or any imp you might know), just answer this one question:  How do you manage the children and the house when you get sick?  We need tips and suggestions for managing flu season!

Winner will be randomly selected on Sunday.

Hat comes in sizes Impious Infant, Terrible Toddler, Pain in the Ass Preschooler, or Evil Elementary Schooler. 


  1. when is a mess, kids watch dvds all day, good friends might pity me and take the kids for a few hours. no magical solution...

  2. Nothing gets done around the house- maybe the dishes if Jason does them. The kids watch movies or play next to me while I pretend to pay attention. Everyone eats takeout or whatever they can find themselves in the cupboard. Wait a minute....I am not allowed to get sick. Luckily it rarely happens.

    Sorry to hear you have been sick!

  3. And the randomly chosen winner is "The Hertels!" Sara, I am sure that your boys will need this hat during the cold eastern oregon winter!