Friday, February 25, 2011

Toddler Birthday Parties: Win this Demon Hat!

Recently my eldest turned four and we threw her a party that included a three-tier castle cake and a real live fairy-princess.  She is already planning her next birthday party, and expects something even more magical.  Looking back, I am slightly embarrassed, and quite frustrated about the levels of expectation my husband and I have set for our children.  When, more importantly why, did a preschooler's birthday become such an event?

I decided to write an "article" about this very topic.  So, in order for you to win this adorable Devil Hat, just tell me this:

What is the most ridiculous, over the top, child's birthday party that you have ever attended?

As always, the winner will be randomly selected on Sunday.

Hat comes in sizes Impious Infant, Terrible Toddler, Pain in the Ass Preschooler, or Evil Elementary Schooler. 


  1. The standard party in our town seems never just a few friends over for cake. It's always at a gym, ice-skating, bounce-house place, etc.

    But the best was when my daughter's friend REGISTERED for her birthday presents.

  2. Hi Rhianna,

    Parisian birthday parties, at least in our neighborhood/school, almost always involve an animatrice (or animateur, in the case of at least one very successful clown). This is what it sounds like, someone who comes to the party and keeps everyone entertained. It definitely takes a load off of the parents, but it also costs several hundred euros, depending on the duration of the animation, etc. Most every museum and kids activity center also offers on-site birthdays. After going the animatrice in our own apartment route last year and nearly fainting with relief when everyone departed leaving only shreds of wrapping paper in their wake, I think we will opt to outsource this year. Although not all of these concern children's birthday parties, I have a few posts about birthdays here:

    I totally agree with you about the high expectations. Also, has Maisy had as elaborate celebrations? To date Felix has only celebrated one birthday, but it was a much lower-key affair than Soren's first. And for his second we will just have moved to a new city for the year and probably won't know any two year-olds, so I imagine it will be another cupcakes en famille thingy.

    Hope to see you in August. I have been really enjoying your writing here.


  3. I haven't been to any single kids party that stands out from the crowd as particularly over-the-top, but watching a crowd of fully attired little princesses lining up in their heels, gowns, capes, jewels, face-paint and tiaras to bash a giant princess pinata to pieces was the funniest moment at one the many princess parties we have been to this last year.

  4. Congratulations my randomly selected winner, Jen! Which of your two demon boys needs a new hat?