Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Giveaway- Another Demon Spawn Hat!

(I like to knit.  The hat now also comes in the size Evil Elementary Schooler)

I'm exhausted.  During the past 3 years, 8 months, and 27 days, I can probably count the number of uninterrupted night's sleep on both hands.

Since I know that all misery loves company, to win this week's hat, tell me your, or a friend's, worst nighttime, child-rearing, horror story. 

Comment here or on Facebook.

Hat comes in sizes Impious Infant, Terrible Toddler, Pain in the Ass Preschooler, or Evil Elementary Schooler .  Winner will be announced on Sunday.


  1. I would love to give this hat to either of my 2 devils that keep giving me the "cheese touch" (must read/see Wimpy Kid to understand) but they are DRIVING ME CRAZY!

  2. First child: cried for 9 hours straight (so hard that he had no voice the next day) when we, in utter desperation, first tried the cry-it-out method of "sleep training." Soon after that he learned to vomit on command whenever he didn't want to sleep. Second child: cried on and off through the night, resisting all methods of "sleep training" until about a month ago. Second child is now 14 months old. Yes, you read that right - she was 13 months old before she slept through the night. We have earned that hat!

  3. Having a child that cries so much he throws up deserves a devil's hat! Congratulations "A".