Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Giveaway: Perfect for your Cheerio littered, rancid milk smelling car!

Answer these two quick questions:
1.  What percent of the household chores do you do?
2.  Are you satisfied with the division of chores? (yes/no)

Winner will be randomly selected on Sunday.


  1. %?...idk. i straighten and move things (my attempt to control clutter.) but i do NOT clean. blech. nor do i cook. catch as catch can around here. i feed the kids. i do do that. so i guess our house chores consist of not much - straightening and moving things from A to B. i do 90% of that. i don't consider taking care of the kids a chore. that's my job. and yep. i'm satisfied. you?

  2. 95% (not entirely true because my housekeeper does the hard stuff twice a month; but on a day to day basis it's at least that high)

    and no...constantly thinking of new tasks the kids can do as they get older. (they put their own laundry away...that's about as far as I've gotten)

  3. I've said 95% in previous quizzes. That includes most of the outdoor work (lawns, leaves, pruning) as well as shopping, cooking, laundry, and any cleaning that I didn't just leave to the twice-a-month cleaning service (mostly straightening & moving clutter as mentioned above!) Also includes making arrangements for any services we pay for. I don't take care of the kids during the day 5 days a week unless they're sick.

    Am I satisfied with this division? Yeah, mostly. After years of railing about it I realized that left to his own devices my DH would eat frozen dinners and live in a junk heap. Since I'm the one who wants a different standard of living, it's on me to get it done. When I need to give him chores, I make them kid-related, since the kids are the one area where he sees the point of doing the work.

  4. And the randomly selected winner is Sadie Roberts. And by randomly, I mean that I had Elana pick (that's almost as random as you get). I hope Otto doesn't destroy your car nearly as bad as the girls destroy mine!

  5. I did about 70% until last spring, hubby working full time and me working 80% time. Then I got pregnant with #3 and hubby started b-school on the weekends, in addition to working. Now I do 95%. Thank GOD for maternity leave.