Wednesday, May 23, 2012

No Mess Painting

Most days I am absolutely cool with my children striping naked and painting the sidewalk, as well as every inch of their pale skin.   However, there are also times when the thought of cleaning up yet another slimy, rainbow colored mess leaves me clawing at my temples fighting back a flood of tears.  So, when our babysitter riled up the girls at seven o'clock at night by promising a new "painting" project, I was both skeptical and grateful that I would be gone for the aftermath.  I left the house in a hurry pretending that I hadn't heard the last exchange.

Imagine my surprise when this photo was texted to me thirty minutes later.
Photo courtesy of Yelz Gochez
I could barely believe my eyes- No mess painting!  The perfect project to kill the last fifteen minutes before bedtime.  Here is how he did it:
  • In a large zip-lock bag add a few blobs of different colored paint.
  • Squeeze out the excess air and seal the bag.
  • Tape onto a flat surface with masking tape.
  • Use your finger to create pictures and patterns.  Mix the colors together to make new ones.
Even my husband, who would prefer all paint to be banned from the inside of the house, was impressed.  An art project for the craft incompetent!

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