Tuesday, May 8, 2012

This Year's Teacher Appreciation Letter

(This is an updated version of last year's letter.  I had 365 more days to think about what I am grateful for.)

"If there were no schools to take the children away from home part of the time, the insane asylums would be filled with mothers." -Edgar W. Howe

Spring break (and winter and summer, and the average weekend for that matter) always gives me a new appreciation for teachers. Over the course of our most recent 9-day break, I realized that I would rather be sitting in a middle class seat, in coach, on a 15-hour nonstop flight to Cairo than spend nearly two weeks at home with both children. As the image of this wondrous flight lingered in my brain, I began searching Expedia for hot deals.

Today is National Teacher Appreciation Day, and after the recent school vacation, I am feeling an extremely strong desire to thank the preschool teachers in my life. Below is a letter I drafted to the teachers at my daughters' preschool. However, I feel that it is pretty universal. Please feel free to copy, paste and change the underlined text so that you can send a nice note to the teacher/school that is keeping you from the nearest inpatient psychiatric facility.

Read the rest here.


  1. I do appreciate your confindents in this insight, well layed out for me!Appreciation Letters

  2. Lol, I like the way you brought this out. Well, I do wonder what you wrote on the appreciation letter though. I would mostly go with a gift (which gives me a lot of headache) and a thank you note to settle it. Not so good with words, you see. Doubt any teachers of an Enrichment Class for Kids would mind that at all I guess.