Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Will You Listen To Your Mother?

On May 10th I will attempt to conquer my tremendous fear of public speaking by telling an audience of over four hundred people about my struggle with depression; I will be participating in the Listen to Your Mother show in San Francisco. Before the curtain rises, you may find me backstage, practicing breathing techniques and downing a glass or two of sauvignon blanc. And then I will take the stage, along with eleven other writers, to tell my story.

My piece tells of the rainiest period in my life. It was a time when I should have been rejoicing in the miracle my body was growing inside, yet instead I lay blanketed in a thick layer of fog, unable to feel sunshine on the clearest of days. It is the story of my second pregnancy, when I found myself debilitated by anxiety and depression.

Listen To Your Mother is the brainchild of Ann Imig. Ann began blogging as a cathartic outlet. Like many stay-at-home mothers of young children, Ann found herself in need of project that was not a by-product of her ovaries. Ann used her writing to commiserate with other parents, as well as exercise her comedic muscles.

Read the rest on Huff Post Parents.

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